Private label organic chewing gum and organic gumbases for retailers and manufacturers.

It's finally here - now offering the world's 1st sugar-free organic chewing gum.

  • We develop premium certified organic gumbase, made from sustainably harvested rainforest tree sap (chicle) and organic-compliant ingredients.

  • We can customize a finished gum formulation based on your requirements and input.

  • We can bulk ship finished product or can also provide complete end-to-end product solutions including packaging, cartoning and casing.

The only commercially available gumbase that contains no synthetic, petro-chemical compounds, or synthetic plasticizing agents, such as tall oil rosins.

  • Premium certified organic gumbase, made from sustainably harvested rainforest tree sap (chicle) and organic-compliant ingredients.

  • Our R&D staff will develop a unique gumbase formulation based on your specifications and input.

  • Our products will carry organic certification, are bio-degradable, GMO-free, Vegan, and Gluten-free.

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Raintree Gum has the ability to take a product from the research phases to a finished gum.
To learn more about our capabilities, please contact us.

R&D Development

We will develop a unique organic gumbase or finished gum formulation to meet your specifications. We have a panel or R&D experts who have help advise you on your product needs.

Gumbase production

We have a fully automated but specialized small batch gumbase facility that is designed to handle the unique qualities of organic gumbase and to produce the most consistent output possible.

Finished gum

We also have the capability to produce a complete organic chewing gum product and have a number of packaging options. You provide us with a spec and a design and we'll take it from there!


Raintree Chewing Gum and Gumbase are fair trade products that support indigenous communities in the rainforests of Central America and use sustainably sourced ingredients.

The principal ingredient in our gum is organic certified tree sap or chicle from the Zapote tree of Central America. These trees are tapped for their sap in the same way that maple syrup comes from a maple tree: it is not hurt and is only done 1 time every 4-6 years on any particular tree.

When you purchase our products, you are helping to support rural communities in Central America and to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods without compromising our rainforests. In this way, Raintree products leave a positive footprint at their source.

Why is organic important?

We have seen too many recent examples of companies abusing the definition of natural in their products. So called “Natural Gum” manufacturers are claiming that their products are natural, but they are not. Yes, they are using safer sweeteners like Xylitol or sugar, however they still are using synthetic or petro-chemical ingredients in their gumbase – the same ingredients used to make diesel fuel, rubber tires & plastics. We decided to set the record straight – the only way you can trust a gum is natural is if it is certified organic.

What's our mission?

We are launching this company to create a new category of organic chewing gum options - so consumers finally have an ORGANIC choice vs. a “natural” one that really isn’t natural. By offering low cost private label and co-manufacturing solutions to retailers and manufacturers, we hope to build a category of organic chewing gum options for consumers. Also, with this new category, the economies of central America, some of the poorest regions in the world, have a chance to increase their own standard of living.

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